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To ALL Chili Lovers: Here's the Secret Recipe, and this should win hands down in ANY chili cook-off!


      3/4 cup of darkest powdered ancho chiles
      [or about 10 dried pods, destemmed toasted and pulverized in a blender]
      1/4 cup of Spanish paprika
      1/2 cup of ground cumin seed
      1/4 cup of fine South American cocoa powder
      1 T of ground cinnamon
      1/4 cup of dessicated onion flakes
      2+ T of granulated garlic
      1-2 T of coarsely ground black pepper
      0/1/2/3+ Tsps of cayenne powder or crushed dried red HOT pepper (arbol) - or *more* of of pulverized chipotle
      2-3 tsps of ground or loose Mexican oregano
      masa flour for thickening
      and optional 1 cup of pinto beans (and/or Peruvian Cuzco, Mote or Cancho corn kernels-you can find these in specialty sections ), soaked and precooked
      5-6+ lbs of coarsely ground or cubed meat(s) [Usually, beef or pork!]
      some really good olive oil
      fresh, tearful onions chopped ~3(+) med.
      fresh garlic chopped ~4-5(+) cloves
      fresh jalapenos/serranos finely sliced widthwize - to taste
      fresh habanero (opt) finely minced -to adjust the heat
      fresh poblano peppers cut into short strips ~3-4
      dark ale or red wine about a pint
      STRONG espresso ~1 cup (optional)
      1 large can of stewed tomatoes
      1 medium can of tomato sauce
      OR meat stock in lieu of tomatoes/sauce
      salt to taste


    Evenly sear and brown the meat in pre-heated cooking oil along with the onions and garlic and a little salt...Add the hot peppers and poblano strips and cook until translucent...Deglaze with generous amount of ale or dry red wine...(you may also add the espresso coffee here)...Add the large can of tomatoes and can of sauce OR 2 times the amount of the large can, of meat stock...Add the beans (or kernels), *if* you like beans in your chili [and the MUST be pinto beans] ...Carefully stir in the powdered spices (so as not to inhale any of it) and top off with additional liquid(s) when needed...Simmer until all of the flavors and aromas are blended. Thicken with enough masa flour to make a dense stew...Possible garnishes may include: grated Jack or other hard cheese, chopped raw onions, brine capers, fresh chopped coriander leaves, sliced black olives, sour cream and chopped red pimientos...

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